My Penultimate Escapade

  I now watch an orange sun setting beyond the flattened trees that had stood strong just yesterday by the George Price highway. Coffee in hand, laptop on my knees, mosquitoes at my ankles, I reflect on the tumultuous day that marked what was supposed to be my final day in Belize – the day […]

Tenacity amongst Turmoil

On a foggy, bleak day in January, I step inside a dark and dripping room full of moving machinery. Two turbines spin rapidly in front of me. If I were to step just a few feet closer, I would share the fate of the many of the fish caught in these turbines as they attempt to […]

Howling about Belize

  A deep, guttural scream echoes through the canopy. The branch of a mahogany tree cracks 30 feet above me. Peering through the humid air, I spy a fuzzy black face peering back at me from behind the trunk, its curious eyes taking in our group. I wonder for a moment if this adorable face […]

A New Adventure

Here I sit in a bumpy blue bus on the way from the airport, a lush tropical landscape rushing past the open windows that I’ve only ever read about. Flying by me in the thick Belizean air are an unceasing ocean of every green hue imaginable fading into the cloudy sky, a white egret standing regally among yellow grasses, a […]

Myths Surrounding the Insanity Defense

The disproportionate fear of flying as compared to actual danger. The hype and phobias surrounding shark attacks. The widespread belief that the insanity defense is used in 37% of cases involving felonies, and that it is successful 44% of the time (Beyerstein, Lilienfeld, Lynn, Ruscio, 2010). What do these misconceptions have in common? For one, […]


What does it mean, to know something? To know something simple, such as the fact that Mongolia lies north of China, or something more abstract, such as knowing who you are, what you stand for, or that your beliefs are the truest? What makes your beliefs be the truest? There are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. What makes […]

Always Fade

Whilst on a pleasant evening stroll on the Greenbelt – a popular scenic path that criss-crosses 25 miles throughout Boise – I happened to come across a familiar face. On a bridge overlooking the Snake River stood a man staring out over the waters as if distracted by a pleasant reverie; arms crossed and mane of white hair being tousled gently in […]