A New Adventure

Here I sit in a bumpy blue bus on the way from the airport, a lush tropical landscape rushing past the open windows that I’ve only ever read about. Flying by me in the thick Belizean air are an unceasing ocean of every green hue imaginable fading into the cloudy sky, a white egret standing regally among yellow grasses, a towering royal palm. I see a noisy flock of yellow-headed parrots in the distance, flying in pairs with their mates. Small palmettos dot the savanna. The fading sign which shepherds guests towards the bright outdoors from the small Belize City airport describes Belize perfectly; “Welcome to Belize: mother nature’s best kept secret”.

After months of studying Belize and its ecology within the confines of a classroom, it’s good to finally be here. Passing by the small houses made of corrugated tin sheets on my way to Monkey Bay, it finally hits me that I’m here. I’ve arrived. My first time abroad – and what better way to break the ice than in Belize. And I quite literally broke the ice, having just a few hours ago vacated the icy streets of Idaho to go instead to hot and humid Belize, with temperatures in the balmy 70s.

Initially I had a few frets about the trip, such as whether it will be worth everything I’ve put into the trip, if I will be able to take away memorable experiences , or whether I’ll like it. But as soon as I stepped off the big Houston passenger plane into the outdoors, all my worries melted into feelings of excitement. My fears have been quelled by my realization that this moment is the priceless beginning of a traveler-at-heart’s lifetime abroad. Nothing can beat exploring every nook and cranny of a new place on a new adventure. Especially a place with as much greenery and smiling locals as Belize.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” -Buddha


Thank-you for reading my little introductory note about my first few hours in Central America! I will  expand on the purpose of my trip in a later post. There will be more to come shortly. And please excuse the unedited nature of these next few posts, including this one. I don’t have that much free time during my short three weeks in Belize!



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